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November 27, 2013

We recently got a hot tip for you from client Elad Marish with Swell Music. Elad’s been helping spread the word about the Association of Music Producers’ great resources for fellow music producers. Turns out there’s a heck of a lot of perks that go along with AMP membership.

amp mixerElad discovered AMP through composer and UCLA music professor Liz Myers, who recommends it as a resource for rookie composers to rub elbows with local professionals. AMP offers loads of mixers and events where newer producers can ask questions and get feedback from more experienced fellow members.

“A young kid making their way up has an opportunity to rub shoulders with really big names,” explains Elad. “Even for me, as the creative director of a music house, being able to get together with my fellow cohorts from the area and talk shop is really huge.

“I feel like we have to band together against the tides in client trends. If we know what someone else is doing, we can say, ‘No, I won’t do that for $150.’ Knowledge is power.”

amp awardsOn the national level, there’s the annual AMP Awards for Music & Sound, where this year Yessian’s work for Nick Cave’s ‘Dream Bigger Dreams’ won the top prize for ‘Best Use of Music or Sound for Web or Interactive Branding’.

Other membership perks include insurance discounts, a library of industry docs (MRAs, Work for Hire, etc.), discounts on professional gear, AMP’s beefy members directory, and soon, educational seminars.

AMP is also be conducting an anonymous members-only survey in December about the current professional climate for music producers.

“We’re hoping to get a nice longitudinal survey of the industry and where it’s heading,” said Elad, adding that the results of the survey will only be shared with AMP members.

“If you want to know where things are heading in this industry, you should be a part of this organization.”

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