Fur-Friendly Ads Feature MAM Fam Music
March 31, 2014

Several ads released in March featuring music by our extended MAM Fam had a distinct animal-friendly vibe. And we dug ’em. Big time.

MassiveMusic set the tune for the latest installment in Dr. Pepper’s Grizzly-Adams-style 10 series, complete with canoeing bears and helpful hawks.

Finger Music scored PETA’s emoji ad, which was featured along with Massive’s Dr. Pepper TEN ad in AdWeek this month.

Ford’s latest pickup truck ad, “This World”, is narrated by a young boy, features film-quality footage of beautiful horses (and a few cows), and feels all the more epic thanks to Peligro’s gorgeous music.

Cruelty Beyond Words (PETA) – Finger Music

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