Apple Music Launches June 30
June 16, 2015

At the end of June, the digital world will get its hands on Apple’s latest stride in the streaming industry: Apple Music.

Immediately available on iOs, Windows and Android platforms, Apple Music’s subscription service will integrate with iTunes, as well as offer a “worldwide radio station” with real-time DJs. Online ‘radio’ services like SiriusFM currently offer mainly pre-recorded playlists and podcasts.

Note Apple Music’s domain name while it lasts: Apple apple music beatsacquired Beats Music last year for $3 billion from Beats Headphones owner Dr. Dre (well played, Sir). Beats Music claims subscribers will even be able to migrate their playlists seamlessly into new Apple Music subscriptions, which will cost the standard $9.99/mo. ($14.99/mo. for a family of six).

Sounds like its been a bit of scramble for Apple to get all of the music licenses lined up in time, but it looks like they’ll finish their legal homework ahead of launch. (Hi, Grooveshark!)

Are you looking forward to checking out Apple Music? Will it be a further blow to independent internet radio startups, who lack Apple’s deep pockets to pay for big-ticket licensing deals?

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