ASCAP Tweaks Formula for TV Music Royalties
June 19, 2012
ASCAP wants to play ‘fair’ with shifts happening in how music is used for TV’s growing sandbox of multiple media performances. Earlier this month, ASCAP announced royalty adjustments within its ‘Weighting Formula’ to address the changing use of TV music across all media formats.
“These changes are designed to ensure the continuing fairness of the distributions system as ASCAP keeps pace with changes in the way music is used in television programs,” said ASCAP in its statement.
Tweaks to the system:
– feature music now pays more the longer it’s featured on air;
– background vocals and instrumentals now paid at the same rate; and
– music performing on an Infomercial/Paid Programming now paid 40% of regular value.
Results from changes to ASCAP’s distribution formula are showing up as of their latest quarterly royalty distributions: June 22nd for Publishers, July 9th for Writers.

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