Bad Apple for Radio & TV Ads?
July 30, 2012

Sneaky, sneaky Apple. They’ve just been granted a patent for technology that would allow digital radio listeners to tune out radio ads (and their associated music) and automatically tune in music/video from their device’s library until the ad is over.

Like AutoHop’s radio-ad-busting twin, the villainous software would make Pandora ads irrelevant and suck funding from radio. A strange move from a computer company held afloat during leaner times by tech-savvy creatives (and before the rest of the world met the iPod).

But wait! The AppleSauce thickens! Turns out Apple has also just been granted another patent, this time for a “Tivo-like box that would allow the recording or pausing of live television,” ramping up rumors that a “revamped, broadcast-integrated Apple TV” is quickly approaching on the horizon.

According to The Wrap, “it also could impair talks Apple is currently having with top network executives to negotiate a deal that could bring live television to Apple TV, limited at first to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or iTunes rentals.”

Stay tuned, Ad Music Friends. We’ll keep you updated as Apple rolls further into TV and Radio Land.

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Learn More on Apple + TV @ The Wrap…

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