MAM Family: Andrew & Polly
May 8, 2017

How do you pivot from rushing to hit a client’s commercial music deadline to gleefully banging toy drums with giggling kids at a chocolate factory? Plus an Emmy nomination? Like many of you, Andrew Barkan and Polly Hall kicked off their careers in New York, composing music for advertising clients and scoring indie film projects. Polly eventually founded […]

Montreux Jazz Unveils Stunning Live Music Archive
September 20, 2016

There’s really nothing quite like live performances. The vibrant acoustics, an artist’s spontaneous interpretations on beloved standards, the audience swelling in response. Or the chance to discover new sounds, innovations and inspirations to tuck into your own musical pallet. The Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the top places to do just that — a […]

Musical Swings Harmonizing in Detroit
April 7, 2016

For those of you with the Motor City either in your backyard or on your travel itinerary within the next few weeks, here’s a fun excuse to bundle up and grab a swing in downtown Detroit. “The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation” is a charming musical swing installation visiting Campus Martius Park (from Montreal) […]

Nan Tackles YouTube in SHOOT
April 5, 2016

SHOOT just published a POV column by Nan Wilson, MAM’s Oracle on the swift-moving world of music royalties. Her piece “The Future of Advertising Music Royalties” calls out YouTube’s conveniently lazy approach to advertising music royalties, and how that’s influencing the digital music royalty market. Nan also outlines the role PROs currently play (and don’t) […]

Engage with the Future: Ad Music for Digital Natives
February 12, 2016

It’s a joke now: the teenager staring at their phone during dinner. At school. At everywhere. “Adults” accuse them of being tuned out, clueless to the value of working hard and respecting elders. They want everything ‘free’ (music, TV, movies) and have a mammoth sense of entitlement. But what if modern teens aren’t that simple? […]

Instrument Inventions Get Kickstart
July 22, 2015

Kickstarter has been kicking out all sorts of new, innovative instruments for you to test your musical boundaries. Remember the Artiphon Instrument 1 Kickstarter? The ‘electric keyboard/guitar/flute/sitar/name-your-instrument-download’ was only the beginning. Mogees, short for “Modal Gestural Surface”, connects you to your surroundings. Just hook up your desk, window, teddy bear, whatever, to your phone using the […]

Keytar or Innovation? Meet Artiphon Instrument 1
March 18, 2015

Though it totally reminds us of the SHS-10 Keytar, a recent Kickstarter proved in eight hours that the Artiphon Instrument 1 might be the answer to a lot of musical prayers. That’s how long it took for the electric keyboard/guitar/flute/sitar/name-your-instrument-download to surpass it’s $75,000 Kickstarter goal, bringing in (to date) over $900,000. And it’s not […]

Pandora Helps Huggies Say ‘We Want More Grandkids!’
February 18, 2015

Huggies wants you to have babies. Like right now. Actually, you should have started eight years ago. Ever since 2007, when the pesky recession began, apparently the US birth rate has taken a dive. In baby-brand speak, that means fewer wee ‘customers’ for their products. To help eliminate this problem, Huggies thought it might help […]

Pono, Geek Wave: Racing to Audiophiles Like You
July 30, 2014

Have you heard the latest in high-def. music players? Yeah, most of us have heard of them, but not actually heard them yet. But we want to. Really, truly. Especially after all the rave reviews coming from the music royalty and random ‘youth market’ who have. Typical to marketing, however, is that which system really […]

Silicone Parts are Made for… Pianos?
May 29, 2014

Kinda still wrapping our heads around the new Seaboard Grand silicone keyboard; we caught even the Wall Street Journal drooling over this puppy. Recently released by London start-up ROLI, it’s capable of doing all kinds of vibrato, pitch ‘ribbons’ and progressions, without ever having to take your fingers off the keys. Sleek, soft and a […]

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