New Toys for Music “Work”
April 30, 2014

One of the beauties of human life is how we continue to brainstorm, test, learn, and innovate for the sake of improving our everyday experience. Which is why we’re so excited about a few new toys that could one day work their way into professional composer toolkits. Imogen Heap has spent the last four years […]

New Auto Vines Swing with MAM Fam Music
January 31, 2014

Ford and Honda jumped onto the Vine bandwagon (err… ‘stationwagon’?) this month. Thanks to some of our MAM Fam, their Vines really reached out and grabbed viewers and the press. AdWeek spoke highly of Honda’s first Vine series, created by RPA, which responded real-time to users’ Vines with the help of Rebecca Black. Ford’s first […]

Twitter Helped MTV Pimp their VMAs
August 29, 2013

Twitter helped MTV/Viacom pre-sell viral moments from this year’s VMAs when hawking its video ad bundles ahead of this year’s awards show. And there were a few… which adds another perspective on Miley & Robin’s act kicking off this year’s show: VMA tweet traffic soared to a record-breaking 306,000 tweets per minute through the rest […]

DISH’s Hopper Clears Another Legal Hurdle
July 31, 2013

Despite Fox Network’s best attempts at getting a legal injunction (this time on appeal), L.A.’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that DISH’s Hopper feature can continue to be sold and used while Fox’s lawsuit is in process with the satellite broadcaster. Fox had argued that DISH’s current DVR feature (and accompanying Hopper) allows […]

There’s been a lot of buzz in music this month about performance metrics and ‘data dashboards’, where users can track their media’s performances and resulting social activity across multiple platforms. As this race heats up, various players are jockeying to be the one-stop-shop for distilled performance data. Twitter took a big leap forward last week […]

Rookie Super Bowl Ads Get Jump Start
December 31, 2012

New brands entering the gladiator arena otherwise known as ‘Super Bowl advertising’ are choosing to get a jump start on their commercial competition by introducing their football-friendly marketing campaigns early this year. Folks like SodaStream, Oreo and Gildan are on the bandwagon. In particular, Lincoln is using the tactic to help spread the word about […]

Meet Hatsune Miku, World’s First Virtual Pop Star
November 30, 2012

Music is evolving into a new dimension in Japan, where one of Asia’s top pop stars is a crowd-sourced virtual singer named Hatsune Miku. She has over 3,000 songs and hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos, all created by her fans for her fans. Her creators evolve her look and branding according to non-licensed art […]

Music, Data and TV Hit Center Stage
November 30, 2012

From deep within the cloud of ‘TV is dead’ media chatter, fresh data now offers a hopeful perspective on where to find the new pulse in TV marketing. Fact: Most Americans are still watching TV. On average we spend more time in one day watching TV content (over 4.5 hours) than we do watching YouTube […]

Music Syncs Minds, Emotions & Images
October 31, 2012

Ever been at a club or a concert and felt you were dancing in a sea of like-minded people? You were right according to a recent study on music and its effect on our minds and emotions. Researchers with the University of Singapore have determined that rhythmic sound “not only coordinates the behavior of people […]

MIT and TuneSat Team Up for Super PAC App
September 28, 2012

MIT’s Media Lab recently tapped TuneSat to see if the digital audio fingerprinting service could help them with a project: track mudslinging sound bites back to their political sources. Result: the Super PAC App. “Using our technology, the app ‘listens’ to any ad on TV or online, instantly matches it against Super PAC App’s massive […]