Sizzer + RE/MAX Make Dreams Come True
April 30, 2014

Speaking of composing with innovative tools, the beautifully eerie music for the new RE/MAX house hunting ad came from a few unlikely instruments thanks to music agency and new MAM client Sizzer of Amsterdam. Check out the wonderful short doc they and Leo Burnett made about Thomas Bloch, the creator of such instruments as the […]

Fur-Friendly Ads Feature MAM Fam Music
March 31, 2014

Several ads released in March featuring music by our extended MAM Fam had a distinct animal-friendly vibe. And we dug ’em. Big time. MassiveMusic set the tune for the latest installment in Dr. Pepper’s Grizzly-Adams-style 10 series, complete with canoeing bears and helpful hawks. Finger Music scored PETA’s emoji ad, which was featured along with […]

Client Projects Raise Bar of Hope
January 31, 2014

Sooooo many projects this month from our MAM Fam had one theme in common: Hope. Supervising music for Guinness’s snazzy new ad featuring the Sapeurs of Congo was none other than Finger Music. Rumble Music created the score for Hank Azaria’s recently released web series ‘Fatherhood’, which is equal parts hilarious, tender and scary (much […]

Let’s Start the Year with Wonder Woman
January 31, 2014

This. Is. Awesome. It’s also closing in on 5 million YouTube views. Kudos to Jeff Dodson of Runsilent and his beautiful score for Rainfall’s new short film + reinvention of Wonder Woman, one of our fave female superheros! (Bonus: free download of score available at Runsilent’s site!) Wonder Woman (short film)

Scarey-Good Halloween Work by MAM Fam
October 31, 2013

October: the month to scare the bazooks out of each other. Or have fun pretending. Which MAM Fam folks were clearly doing with several scarey-good projects released this month. Yessian’s music in the new ‘Dracula’ series promo on NBC is a great example. Then there’s Wieden+Kennedy’s frighteningly effective ad for, promoting one’s ability to […]

Positivity for the People
October 31, 2013

Not into October’s spooky stuff? Have no fear: MAM Fam clients were also busy making great music for projects that warm the heart and bring on the light. Finger Music had a musical hand in a recent doc about Lowline NYC, an urban initiative to create an underground park — complete with natural sunlight — […]

Love Keeps Liftin’ Us Higher
September 30, 2013

We believe our MAM Fam is strongest when we are lifting each other up. So we were particularly moved by RPA’s wonderful work with Honda for the automotive brand’s ‘Project Drive-In’¬† campaign, which¬† is helping save some of America’s classic drive-ins struggling with the digital upgrade mandate. Watching the reactions of the winning drive-in owners, […]

Face the Music is Lovin’ It
September 30, 2013

Congrats to Face the Music for crafting the music and sound for September’s most ubiquitous TV ad: McDonald’s ‘Mighty Wings: Play Offs’ NFL commercial, featuring Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco & San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Great work, FTM! Watch Ad @ Face the Music…

TuneSpring Speeds Sync Between Music & Buyers
August 29, 2013

TuneSpring, new kid on the music library block, has introduced a whole new game to the music syncing world. With just a few quick clicks, producers can review any track from TuneSpring’s online music library with their video syncing at the same time. Producers can also send tracks synced with their video to colleagues and […]

MAM Fam Music Projects in July
July 31, 2013

You all have been busy! Here’s some more outstanding MAM Fam projects that were featured this month. Yessian’s ‘Bulldog’ theme for MINI’s new ad series has been generating some buzz. Perfect timing helps: MINI’s ‘Nurse’ ad fits quite well with last week’s royal birth. (Congrats, Kate and Will!) (Side Note: We’re seriously digging these camping-and-adventure […]