The Jingle! It’s ALIVE!!
July 31, 2013

As all good things in advertising these days, the jingle has been rebranded and given a new life online. According to AdWeek, we are to now call jingles ‘Branded Pop Songs’. Our MAM Fam saw this coming a while ago, of course. Like when ThunderCloud Subs tapped Tequila Mockingbird’s Justin Tapp to create an extended […]

Pool + Victory Parties for MAM Fam in Cannes
June 28, 2013

Corks of rosé were popped, pools were swum, and Lions were won by members of our MAM Fam at Cannes this year. MassiveMusic, Finger Music and Yessian Music all had enviable pool and beach parties that we shan’t be posting here for obvious reasons. For the curious, jump over to their respective Facebook pages (linked […]

Peligro Music Helps Kids Discover Code
May 31, 2013, a clever new organization helping foster our next generation of code programmers, found a perfect soundtrack for its new promotional documentary thanks to MAM Fam member Greg Kuehn with Peligro Music. The doc’s director, Lesley Chilcott, has worked on projects with Greg before. She sent him some examples of what she was looking for […]

Yessian Wins Silver Hugo at CIFF TV Awards
April 30, 2013

Yessian Music took home two prizes at the Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards last week. Their work with Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai on ‘Anthem’ (Chrysler Asia Pacific) won the Silver Hugo award for Original Music. They also took home the Sound Design Silver Plaque for Campbell Ewald/Detroit’s ‘Ceremonial Guard’ (US Navy). Well done, Yessian crew! China […]

New Jingle Tapps’ “Sunny” Side of ThunderCloud
March 29, 2013

Those of you at SXSW this month may have heard a catchy new jingle on the radio for long-standing local brand ThunderCloud Subs. Justin Tapp has heard ThunderCloud’s can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head-if-you-tried jingles since he was a college student in Austin. When his company, Tequila Mockingbird, got the chance to write the local sandwichmaker a new jingle, Tapp […]

MAM Fam Composers Cuddle Up to Cameos
February 28, 2013

Composers for TV ads are often unknown and unseen in the commercials they help rock every day. Which makes it so fun when we recognize members of our MAM Fam sneaking into the vocals. This February we were tickled to discover some of our friends hanging around in ads with their music. First off, cheers […]

Here Be SnapDragons
February 28, 2013

Finger Music took on some sweet projects in February, including a couple with a flare for ye days of olde: dragons, princesses… cell phones processors. First off was their epic work in Ogilvy’s SnapDragon ad, which AdWeek trumpted as Ad of the Day earlier this month. Finger followed that up with a tune for Tide’s new […]