W+K Video Connects Facebook’s Vast Users
October 31, 2012

Are you sitting down? If not, grab a chair: Facebook reached 1 billion users this month. To celebrate, the social media pioneer tapped Wieden + Kennedy (FB’s new agency of record) to create Facebook’s first official “brand video”, titled ‘Things that Connect Us’. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated of the milestone video, “For the first […]

W+K’s ‘Best Job’ (P&G) Wins Emmy
September 28, 2012

Oh, Wieden + Kennedy. You just don’t know how to share, do you? Four years running you’ve swiped the Best Commercial Emmy, this year with your P&G Olympic ad “Best Job”. (Warning: get some tissues before watching. Seriously.) Wieden+Kennedy even dominated the nominations with their Super Bowl spot “It’s Halftime in America”,featuring Chrysler and Clint […]

Everybody Loves Breakfast and a Jingle
September 28, 2012

Congrats to composer PJ Hanke for scoring big with IHOP’s new jingle ‘Love on a Plate,’ delivered fresh and piping hot for the chain’s ‘Everything You Love About Breakfast’ campaign. Created by McCann Erickson, the multi-media branding move hopes to restake IHOP’s foodie flag as King of Pancake Hill. Their mission after suffering market losses […]

Kimo Scores One for Spider-Man (and Target)
August 30, 2012

Much like the Olympics, Superheroes (and their branding) were not to be missed this summer. Helping spin the marketing web around Marvel’s release of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ was Target’s merch ad, featuring music and sound design by Elias Arts. The music house tapped composer Chris ‘Kimo’ Kemp to create a soaring film-worthy score for the […]

W+K Goes for (More) Gold with P&G
August 30, 2012

Much like Michael Phelps, Wieden + Kennedy couldn’t stop themselves after winning commercial gold for its top-ranked “Best Job” ad, the slam-dunk of their “Thank You, Mom” Olympic campaign for Proctor & Gamble. Oh no. They (and P&G) then went and parodied Michael Phelps’ gold medal success and their own highly successful Old Spice ad […]

Wieden+Kennedy Big Winners with Chrysler+Detroit
June 19, 2012

Congrats to MAM client Wieden+Kennedy on three stellar wins (Effie+Emmy+Cannes+Webby) for its ‘Born of Fire’ campaign for Chrysler! Featuring Eminem (and some seriously moving footage of Detroit), the campaign is credited with helping boost ratings for both the automaker and it’s hometown. “The success of this campaign has contributed significantly to the company’s sales growth […]

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