SoundCloud Rumbles & Rumors
July 30, 2014

When SoundCloud released their iOS app update this summer, rumblings within their music community were loud and clear: What was SoundCloud thinking?! Much of the app’s meat–comments within tracks, playlist functionality, community networking–was completely stripped and replaced with a slick, simple interface designed for optimum music streaming by consumers; not for the composers who’ve created […]

Unlocking the Truth Rages with Big Kids
May 29, 2014

Last September, MassiveMusic Los Angeles alerted us to the astounding heavy metal talent of a preteen band named Unlocking the Truth. What a year can do. They’ve since opened for Guns n’ Roses. Twice. And they didn’t just play Coachella this month: they surfed it. Can’t say we’re surprised, but we’re definitely thrilled for their […]

This is How You Bring it Home
January 31, 2014

In case you missed it, here’s Imagine Dragons + Kendrick Lamar killin’ it at the Grammy’s with their Radioactive remix last weekend. They’re running neck-and-neck with the ‘Same Love’ marriages for our other favorite moment from the 2014 Grammys. One word for both acts: AMAZING. Radioactive (2014 Grammys) Same Love (2014 Grammys)

iTunes Radio Takes a Bite out of Pandora
October 31, 2013

In case you were wondering how iTunes Radio is fairing, it’s gobbled up 30% of Pandora’s market within its first month. Staying true to character, Pandora keeps insisting it’s not worried about iTunes. Which kinda makes Pandora the arrogant jock who runs out of the barricaded house to take on Freddy/Jason/Michael/horde of zombies with his […]

Nashville is the Place to Be
August 29, 2013

Time to load up and move out (for those of us that don’t already live there): Nashville is a city packed with music jobs that pay top dollar. Better than New York, in fact. The news came via an EMSI report cited in Billboard this month showing that the Capital of Country leads the pack […]

Music Profits Climb for First Time Since 1999
February 28, 2013

That’s right! The New York Times just reported that music sales rose for the first time last year in 12 years. 12 YEARS! It’s a tiny shift (+0.3%), but we’ll take it! Ready for the real kicker? Sony and the gang are saying that we have digital music sales to thank for the bump in […]

Rap Genius Illuminates Lyrics
November 30, 2012

Ever wonder what a particular rap lyric is all about? So have the developers of Rap Genius. Dubbing it a ‘hip-hop Wikipedia’, the site was created to help illuminate the world of rap lyrics. It’s also begun to rival to The Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive, established in 1992. Rap Genius features background info such as […]

Internet Radio Nears Eclipse of AM/FM
November 30, 2012

Yup. It’s finally happening: Internet radio listeners are about to eclipse AM/FM radio listeners, per new research from the NPD Group. “Since 2009, the percentage of Pandora users who listened to an AM/FM radio declined by 10 percentage points. During the same period, CD listening fell 21 percentage points, while listening to digital music files […]

YouTube Plugs Away at Content Development
November 30, 2012

Not to be outdone by TV (though it currently is), YouTube is prepping a second round of content investment into its growing list of channels. Their new round of investments will go to 30-40% of YouTube’s 100 content developers, based on their success rate over the past year. Initial content developers each received between $1 […]

Apple Takes a Bite out of Pandora
October 31, 2012

Last Thursday was a big day for Pandora. They started their day taking the steps of Capitol Hill and ended it with their stocks falling down. Pandora and their posse–the ‘Internet Radio Fairness Coalition’–are pushing feds to pass a bill sponsored by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) to lower Internet radio royalty rates to that of […]