Grooveshark: Swimming Deep or Lost at Sea?
June 16, 2015

Music streaming service Grooveshark has haunted the legal waters of the online music world for years. Some compared the creators to Robin Hood. Many called them pirates. Millions used their service to access possibly the most diverse pool of free, unlicensed music since Napster. For those unfamiliar, Grooveshark’s admittedly naive business model was to grow […]

BMI Wins 2-Year Case, Pandora to Appeal
May 20, 2015

BMI is dancing in the streets after winning a landmark victory against Pandora this month. The PRO has been approved by the New York Rate Court to bump up their royalty rate to 2.5% with the music streaming service. BMI said on Thursday the ruling green-lights a new royalty rate of 2.5% of revenue, and […]

In case you missed it (despite our constant pestering), MAM’s very own La Jefa, Nan Wilson, lead a panel at SXSW this year: Mo’ Money: Performance Royalties for Commercials. Check out this line up! Steven Joyce, Managing Director of Sounds Like Publishing Lynne Lummel, SVP of Distribution & Repertory at ASCAP Hunter Williams, Exec. Dir. of […]

Musicians Take Control of Their Work (mostly…)
February 18, 2015

Musicians were seen taking the control of their work over the last few months. Making headlines again is Taylor Swift for trademarking her lyrics (apparently a first in US music law). Swift’s lyric about “this sick beat” in ‘Shake It Off’ is now trademarked (though we’re still fuzzy on what ‘sick beat’). So are her […]

Taylor Swift Nails Scrouge Spotify
November 24, 2014

In case you missed it this month, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify for not just paying a pittance in royalties, but for streaming her music away to both paid and free users of its service. She (and her US label, Big Machine) had tried negotiating for her music to play only for […]

SoundCloud Intros Paid Composer Tier
August 29, 2014

As we reported last month, SoundCloud has been shifting their business model behind the scenes. Helping stoke fires of discontent among the site’s music creators, who’ve freely uploaded their original tracks at no cost to SoundCould, has been word that SoundCloud is going to launch a Pandora-like music player via its recently redesigned app… and make […]

Track Missing Music with Exploration
August 29, 2014

Want to know if your darling musical creations are floating around YouTube without your permission, stealing purses and chucking rocks with nefarious sorts behind your back? Every composer shudders to think about it, but it happens. All. The. Time. Thankfully, a new service by boutique Santa Monica websters Exploration have ways of making YouTube and […]

There are still a lot of people who don’t quite realize how lucrative performance royalties from music in commercials can be. That was the take away from the commercial music panel MAM’s Nan Wilson and COPILOT’s Ravi Krishnaswami participated in with Morgan Thoryk of McGarry Bowen (Chicago) at SXSW last month. Even reps from the […]