Court Rules on Case Between ASCAP & Pandora
March 31, 2014

At last, the case is closed (for now) between ASCAP & Pandora. Judge Denise Cote ruled that Pandora should continue to pay 1.85% in royalties for the full 5-year term of its license with ASCAP. While the ruling maintains the royalty paid to ASCAP artists by Pandora, it is still far lower than the graduated […]

Pandora’s Game of Thrones
September 30, 2013

September felt a little like last June, when Pandora found itself flinging lawsuits back and forth with ASCAP and BMI. But this month left the music streaming service winning a battle and fighting for its life within mere days. On September 17, Pandora won it’s federal lawsuit in Manhattan against ASCAP for trying to ‘narrow’ […]

Lovers & Haters Get Vocal on US Copyright Review
August 29, 2013

As Congress contemplates whether to extend the current copyrights of non-public-domain works, pundits for and against are piping up with their side of the story. In the 20-More-Years camp, we find Disney, major music catalogs, book publishers with best-selling titles, movie studios… and lots of lobbying money. Buckets, actually. Their fear? Under the law that […]

Pandora Petitions Musicians for Less Royalties
May 31, 2013

As you may have heard, Pandora and SoundExchange are currently duking it out for the hearts of musicians and their online music royalties. Pandora co-founder Tim Westergren and his minions recently sent a series of mea culpa emails to Pandora artists, saying they really, truly only wants what’s best for the Internet radio royalty industry […]