Meet AMRA: Kobalt’s Global Digital PRO
August 25, 2015

As the music world continues to sail into uncharted technological and political waters as consumers flock toward streaming, Kobalt Publishing has been tuning into developing lucrative microcurrents of musical royalties. Tiny, tiny little currents of online music can add up to real money. But how to find them all in such a vast sea of […]

SESAC Acquires Harry Fox
July 16, 2015

We didn’t see it coming either! In one fell swoop, SESAC spanked its PRO siblings in the race toward digital streaming relevancy by scooping up mechanical licensing clearinghouse Harry Fox (HRA). Thanks to its for-profit status (freeing it from Federal requirements faced by non-profit PROs ASCAP and BMI), SESAC’s ability to deal directly with NMPA’s […]

A petition to exempt small venues from “prohibitive” licensing fees has been circling the Internet. Since its first signature on May 30th, the petition has garnered 1,844 signatures (just 166 away from their NEW goal of 2,000). The petition requests PROs “grant venues and cafes under 350 capacity exempt status from the prohibitive licensing fees levied by […]

All the PRO buzz at the end last year was about how Irving Azoff taking on YouTube (and thereby Google) by forming his own PRO, Global Music Rights, and proclaiming his newborn PRO refuses to license its works to the video-streaming empire (until GMR can negotiate better terms for their members). Sabres were rattled and […]

SoundExchange: It Pays When You Use It!
May 19, 2015

It’s part of MAM’s mission to ensure the creators of sound recordings and the recording artists who perform them are compensated for their creative contributions. So DON’T FORGET to register your creative work with SoundExchange. If/when it ever shows up on a digital playlist (think satellite radio and webcasts), it’s SoundExchange who pays you your […]

ASCAP Expo 2015: #StandWithSongwriters
May 19, 2015

MAM’s La Jefa, Nan Wilson went to the ASCAP Expo April 30th to attend the keynote address by Paul Williams and Elizabeth Matthews. The takeaway: support the Songwriter Equality Act! We all need to contact our congressional reps ASAP to let them know we’re all on board. You can find more information here, and find […]

In case you missed it (despite our constant pestering), MAM’s very own La Jefa, Nan Wilson, lead a panel at SXSW this year: Mo’ Money: Performance Royalties for Commercials. Check out this line up! Steven Joyce, Managing Director of Sounds Like Publishing Lynne Lummel, SVP of Distribution & Repertory at ASCAP Hunter Williams, Exec. Dir. of […]

ASCAP (re)Elects Board of Directors
May 15, 2015

2015 has marked some personnel shifts in ASCAP’s world. They hit the ground running by kicking off the New Year with Elizabeth Matthews taking over as CEO. In a letter to the staff Matthews sent out shortly assuming her new role, she hinted at some serious moving a shaking in the near future. “In the coming […]

Find Mo’ Music Money at SXSW 2015
February 18, 2015

Going to SXSW 2015? Be sure to check out MAM’s Interactive event, “Mo’ Money: Performance Royalties for Commercials”. MAM’s very own La Jefa, Nan Wilson, will be moderating a panel of smart, savvy, talented folks in the know:   Steven Joyce, Managing Director of Sounds Like Publishing   Lynne Lummel, SVP of Distribution & Repertory […]

SESAC Hits TMLC Settlement
February 18, 2015

A 2008 class action antitrust lawsuit against SESAC by the Television Music License Committee (TMLC), and other local TV stations reached a settlement last October when SESAC agreed to fork over $58.5 million to the television stations and their affiliates. Calling it the “SESAC Cartel”, the TMLC filed the case to try to “restrain and […]