SESAC Could Push for Purchase of Harry Fox
May 29, 2014

Love or not the Harry Fox Agency, it is both an mechanical rights institution and not going anywhere any time soon. That said, as the digital media marketplace keeps shifting the sands of where to go for a blanket music license, word on the street is that Rizvi Traverse–new majority owners of performance rights organization […]

Nan & COPILOT Present Panel @ SXSW
March 31, 2014

MAM’s Nan Wilson and COPILOT’s Ravi Krishnaswami of COPILOT joined Morgan Thoryk of McGarry Bowen (Chicago) for their panel Get Yourself Working With Music Houses on Ads Now on Wednesday, March 12th at SXSW. Attendees learned how to present their reel, understand a creative brief, score multiple versions, and understand how royalties are tracked and […]

Congress & PROs Intro Songwriter Equity Act
February 28, 2014

Exciting legislation is afoot for songwriters whose work ranges beyond commercial horizons. Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) introduced a bill this week to help bring songwriters’ mechanical and public performance royalty rates into the 21st Century. Known as the Songwriter Equity Act, the legislation has excellent timing within the current copyright-review whirlwind going on in the […]

Diving into Strategic Services with ASCAP’s DeDe Burns
November 27, 2013

Have you noticed ASCAP’s member services are easier to reach lately? It’s come with hard work in the PRO’s Membership Department over the last few years, according to DeDe Burns, ASCAP’s Senior Director of Strategic Services. DeDe says back in 2011, Membership Services joined up with Strategic Services within ASCAP’s Membership Department. Call centers were […]

Session Artists, Meet RAR
June 28, 2013

One of our MAM Fam members recently tipped us off about an important digital royalty detail for those of you who are session artists. Turns out that SoundExchange only doles out digital royalties for ‘featured artists’: whomever is the star or key band members on a recording. However, if you’re a session artist (hired just […]

ASCAP Jumps on Digital Fingerprinting Bandwagon
March 29, 2013

Composers and Publishers signed up with ASCAP will be seeing an increase in their radio and local TV royalty revenues thanks to the PRO’s recent partnership with audio fingerprinting service Soundmouse. Based in the UK, Soundmouse provides digital fingerprinting services similar to TuneSat, used extensively by SESAC over the last few years to track music […]

SESAC Clears the Block with New Stockholder
February 28, 2013

The majority of SESAC’s stock — 75% to be exact — was purchased in February by private equity firm Rizvi Traverse. Details are still unclear as to which of the PRO’s stockholders sold their shares, but according to Moody’s Investor Service, SESAC is looking solid as ever and positioned well within the American PRO market. […]

SESAC Pays on Promos
June 29, 2012

Good news from SESAC: they DO pay on promos! We at MAM made an error in our May newsletter by stating that SESAC doesn’t pay on promos, an error for which we sincerely apologize. Here’s the correct scoop from SESAC on their approach to promo music: “SESAC does distribute royalties for promotional announcements or promos. […]

ASCAP Tweaks Formula for TV Music Royalties
June 19, 2012

ASCAP wants to play ‘fair’ with shifts happening in how music is used for TV’s growing sandbox of multiple media performances. Earlier this month, ASCAP announced royalty adjustments within its ‘Weighting Formula’ to address the changing use of TV music across all media formats. “These changes are designed to ensure the continuing fairness of the […]