Client Projects Raise Bar of Hope
January 31, 2014

Sooooo many projects this month from our MAM Fam had one theme in common: Hope.

Supervising music for Guinness’s snazzy new ad featuring the Sapeurs of Congo was none other than Finger Music.

Rumble Music created the score for Hank Azaria’s recently released web series ‘Fatherhood’, which is equal parts hilarious, tender and scary (much like real fatherhood).

Swell made sweet music for College Inn Soup’s ‘Social Kitchen’, where the soup brand gave away a cup of free soup for every ‘like’ their food truck project got on FB. (Did you spot “The Most Quoted Man in the News” Greg Packer?! So sneaky!)

RPA hit another one out of the park in January with their La-Z-Boy web short ‘Giving Comfort’, featuring the furniture company’s benevolent side with Ronald McDonald House.

Then RPA hit third home run this month with it’s ‘One More Thing to Love about Today’ campaign for Honda, earning them an Ad of the Day nod from AdWeek. (RPA! You guys are on fire!)

Sapeurs (Guinness)


Fatherhood (Hank Azaria)


Social Kitchen (College Inn Soup)

Giving Comfort (La-Z-Boy)

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