Finger Clicks for Microsoft
June 3, 2015

Finger MusicFinger Music has teamed up with agency m:united to produce some pretty fun, rhythmic beats to accompany Microsoft’s new Surface 3 laptop commercials.

“The spots were briefed from the beginning to be very rhythmic. When m:united sourced Shane [Bang] and Kevin [Ke], we knew the filming would also incorporate the rhythmic movements of their hands.” Finger’s Creative Director, Dave Hodge, explained recently. “Being brought in at this early stage meant that we were able to get the process of the filming, edit and music to harmonize throughout the production process.

“Over two studio days with Shane and Kevin, two tempos were chosen for the spot which were organic with the pen tapping they were doing. It was important that these were ascertained beforehand so that we could ensure the visuals.”

Check out Finger’s finger-tapping, pen-clicking groove.

Adweek recently reported that Finger’s purpose of this campaign “was to prove that music can transcend its status as background noise.”

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