Finger Goes to Cuba and Gets Fancy
November 20, 2015

Finger Music has been hard at work, cranking out some stellar projects.Finger Music

Leisure Cruise duo Dave Hodge (Finger’s Creative Director) and Leah Siegel released a new music video filmed in Cuba for their song “Mother”. The video features amazing scenes, including a fascinating late-night swimming competition

fancy tanqueray fingerLeisure Cruise didn’t stop there, working with Finger to arrange “Fancy” into a ‘20’s jazz-styled theme for Tanqueray that you’d expect to hear in the glamorous bar depicted in the video. Their rendition earned them a write up in SourceEcreative’s August newsletter.

Chris Phelps, the project’s Music Supervisor, chose “Fancy” because, “We felt it was important for the selected track to have a recognizable melody. In terms of production, it’s possible to play almost any song using 1920’s instrumentation and/or production. But it was the melody and catchiness that was most important.”

Good call, Chris. Green satin and peacocks on gold leashes — it doesn’t get much more ‘fancy’ than that.

Speaking of fancy…

Burns stillThe British Red Cross reminds us: “Your little ones are more precious than any bling. Keep them safe with some simple first aid skills.”

Finger Music teamed up with the British Red Cross to contribute to their #RappedUp campaign. The campaign features a bunch of young tots rapping first aid instructions in a series of educational music videos offering appropriate procedures and resources for childhood emergencies. Topics include poisons, febrile seizures and burns.

Clare McGrath worked along side the kids and produced their original hip-hop beats. Creative Director Rob Trono said, “We wanted to do something that was fun for parents … and we thought: well it would be nice that that voice was from children rather than from a grand[parent] or other adults talking to each other.

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MOTHER – Leisure Cruise (YouTube)



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