“Game of Thrones” Cast Bursting with Song
August 11, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty into “Game of Thrones” here at MAM. Dragons, giants, rebellion – what’s not to love?

Chris Martin of Coldplay feels the same way. He created “Game of Thrones: The Musical” in collaboration with NBC’s Red Nose Day. The 12-minute video features much of the main cast (appearing on the promise of free food).

A little Google snooping reveals many of GOT’s cast are actually quite musically inclined. (Brace yourself.)

Jacob Anderson (AKA: Raleigh Ritchie) / GOT: Grey Worm

Jacob’s pursued pop/dance music since age 17, and has two EPs plus an album under his stage name, Raleigh Ritchie. A far cry from his battle-hardened GOT persona: his R&B groove-pop opened for Kendrick Lamar’s 2013 UK tour. And he snagged Kanye West’s composer, Rosie Danvers, for his upcoming album. Soon to be “The Greatest”? He’s definitely on his way.

Iwan Rheon / GOT: Ramsay Boulton

Who knew Iwan Rheon could play an incredibly disturbing psychopath and croon so tenderly (check video’s finale for shades of both)? But for realz, Iwan has been plucking guitar and heartstrings since 14, with his own album and a collection of EPs. Kinda makes you wonder what his music fans first thought of ‘Ramsay’. (#somuchforsexy)

Wilko Johnson / GOT: Ilyn Payne

Did the mute executioner from GOT’s first two seasons look a bit familiar? Perhaps because the actor’s also lead singer of legendary Brit proto-punk band Dr. Feelgood. Famous since 1970 for his feisty rhythm and blues showmanship, more recently, a cancer diagnosis (and victory!) has kept him away from GOT. Here’s hoping his miraculous recovery will allow him to bring his infamous intensity back to the show in Season 6!

Michiel Huisman / GOT: Daario Naharis

Lead singer and guitarist for Dutch groove pop band Fontane, Michiel later formed a group under his own name. Their smooth-operator sound ispretty wild coming from Dany’s latest bad boy.

Carice van Houten / GOT: The Red Woman (Melisandre)

Carice’s album “See You on the Ice”, is featured on the soundtrack of “Black Book”. Her bluesy brand of folk pop swings pretty wide from her intensity as the Red Woman. While there’s no mention of burning people alive to appease him (thankfully), in the video Carice is drawn to a mysterious ‘Lord of Light’ in the forest. Hmmm…

Natalia Tena / GOT: Osha

Of course she has an amazing band! Not only did Natalia play one of our favoritest Harry Potter rebels, but she’s been busy playing gypsy with her band, Molotov Jukebox. Their self-described sound is “Gypstep”: gypsy stylings, with dubstep, calypso, funk, ska, flamenco, samba, house, electro, pop, reggae and soul influences. (Think Pink Martini.) Their brilliant, wacky, off-the-wall riot would be so perfect for the Wildling’s first bonfire party beyond The Wall.

Jerome Flynn / GOT: Bronn

Jerome was part of  ‘90’s English doo-wop retro band Robson & Jerome, reworking ‘60’s covers by the likes of The Drifters. Yup, this one is kinda weird. But hey: what range Jerome has! From ‘60’s doo-wop to drunken sell-sword Lothario?! Not too shabby, pal.

Kristian Nairn / GOT: Hodor

Kristian has been a DJ for the past 20 years (also plays guitar and sings — a self-described musical “Jack of all trades”). He is currently touring North America and Western Europe with his show “Rave of Thrones”. The gentle giant can really drop the beat and get the crowd moving.

The music world’s interplay with Game of Thrones can seem as constant as the Night’s Watch, whether it’s Peter Dinklage’s theme song (plus his reaction), or cameos by various artists musicians, like Coldplay’s drummer Will Champion (the Red Wedding), and Sigur Rós (the Purple Wedding).

Perhaps that’s why we love the show: GOT selects such unique, independently creative individuals to inhabit its intensely dynamic and complex characters

Well played, Game of Thrones. Well played.

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