Get to Know Us

Nan Wilson : Oracle

Nan Wilson


Nan Wilson started MAM in 2000 with the idea of merging together the primary facets of advertising music royalty collection. Years of ad experience with agencies, music production and media buying had revealed to her new, more efficient methods for collecting music royalties not yet pursued within the industry. Nan's now on a mission to educate and advocate for new possibilities in the advertising music royalty world.

Kelli Nichols : Queen

Kelli Nichols


Kelli Nichols is a ruler of many talents. She first dove into collecting data for the environmental compliance industry, working with seafood companies and Alaskan fishing boats. She next worked in telecom for many years, before joining MAM in 2011 as a beloved Queen (AKA- "Account Manager"). In her spare time, Kelli enjoys ruling the turntables for parties and friends, paddleboarding like a mad woman, and is an outstanding certified nutritionist.

Tonya Yoder : Queen

Tonya Yoder


Following a career as a rocket scientist (really), Tonya Yoder joined MAM's Round Table as a treasured Queen (AKA- "Account Manager") in 2012. She's got a wicked thirst for conquering research and spreadsheets -- perfect for championing advertising music performances for her MAM clients. Tonya also works magic with her hands as both an avid pottery artist (Crow Hill Pottery) and mandolin player.

Ella Swift Redding : PR Manager

Ella Swift Redding

PR Manager

Since conjuring media company Burly Mermaid in 2012, Ella's relished weaving stories as a writer and filmmaker. She's also a major music royalty nerd. Nan's stellar idea (among many): team up Ella's media magic with MAM's mutual passion for music royalties. Poof! The spell was cast. Be sure to reach out to Ella with your fave projects: she'll send your good news across the MAM Universe with a quick wink and tap of the keys.