Local Talent: Joppa Mazama
May 15, 2015

A new band is storming Olympia’s thriving music scene.

Made up of four fabulously creative, talented musicians, Joppa Mazama fuses elements of funk, rock, jazz and Zappa-inspired themes. Band members include Kyle Baker (bass), Caleb Peinado (guitar), Keith Anderson (drums) and Scott Anderson (guitar).

The group joined together while studying audio production at The Evergreen State College and living in Olympia. They united with the same desire to go above and beyond the usual college garage band — these guys are seriously ambitious artisans of their craft.

Joppa Mazama records, mixes and produces all their own material (even lending a hand or riff to other local artist friends when needed).

In the first three months of this year, Joppa Mazama has already released two full length albums of all new material. The band released their first EP in January. “Got Everything You Need?“ is funky freeform and wacky lyrics interwoven with an interview with audio engineer and mentor Terry Setter (with whom they’ve been studying).

On March 22, JM released  “Wants to Go to Japan“, a darkly upbeat album complete with a few surprises that keep your ears on their toes.

That seems to be what Joppa Mazama is all about.

“If there ain’t no pajama in your panorama, tell your mama about Joppa Mazama.” teases Scott Anderson.

Give them a listen, and us your opinion; if you like it… guess you should go out and tell your mama about about Joppa Mazama!

Kyle Baker (Joppa Mazama)Caleb Peinado (Joppa Mazama)Keith Anderson (Joppa Mazama)Scott Anderson (Joppa Mazama)

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