Love Keeps Liftin’ Us Higher
September 30, 2013

We believe our MAM Fam is strongest when we are lifting each other up. So we were particularly moved by RPA’s wonderful work with Honda for the automotive brand’s ‘Project Drive-In’  campaign, which  is helping save some of America’s classic drive-ins struggling with the digital upgrade mandate.

Watching the reactions of the winning drive-in owners, we were reminded of a couple other humanity-has-a-good-side projects we ran across this month.

unlocking the truthOne was GoPro’s ad featuring real footage of a firefighter saving a kitten from a burning building. Firefighter. Kitten. Burning building. Yes. Grab some tissues.

The other was a delightful short documentary MassiveMusic Los Angeles highlighted this month, featuring a visionary young band that writes and performs original metal because “most people listen to pop, hip hop, but not that many people really listen to metal anymore. … It’s something we will be known for.” (They’re still in sixth grade, by the way.)

Unlocking the Truth’s defiant brand of originality, honesty, and self-love reminded us that the next generation of brilliant musicians are honing their skills right now. And it’s thrilling to watch them rise like a bold, brilliant tide.

Project Drive-In (Honda)

Firefighter Saves Kitten (GoPro)

Unlocking the Truth (short doc)

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