Down Under Hopes for Wieden + Kennedy Return
July 30, 2012

Dan Wieden had lots to say at Cannes this year, including to Australian online news outlet mUmBRELLA. During an interview at the film festival, he suggested a possible W+K return to Australia if the market conditions were right. “We’ve had people in Australia before, and we’d would love to set up there again,” Wieden said. […]

SESAC Pays on Promos
June 29, 2012

Good news from SESAC: they DO pay on promos! We at MAM made an error in our May newsletter by stating that SESAC doesn’t pay on promos, an error for which we sincerely apologize. Here’s the correct scoop from SESAC on their approach to promo music: “SESAC does distribute royalties for promotional announcements or promos. […]

MAM Family: Sherah Carney @ SESAC
June 19, 2012

Childhood memories often evoke memories of playing outside, favorite toys, and playing with neighborhood kids. For Sherah Carney, she fondly remembers frolicking around her dad’s music studio, playing with adult musical instruments and messing with the music label’s shrink wrap machine with her younger siblings. “I grew up sitting at the soundboard with my dad,” […]

ASCAP Tweaks Formula for TV Music Royalties
June 19, 2012

ASCAP wants to play ‘fair’ with shifts happening in how music is used for TV’s growing sandbox of multiple media performances. Earlier this month, ASCAP announced royalty adjustments within its ‘Weighting Formula’ to address the changing use of TV music across all media formats. “These changes are designed to ensure the continuing fairness of the […]

Networks have sued Dish Network for its Hopper feature, which allows viewers to skip ads broadcasted by Networks with the touch of a remote control button. Dish quickly countersued, claiming breach of contract by the Networks, since ‘auto-hopping’ still ‘preserves’ the ads in the recording: it’s the consumer who chooses whether to view them or […]

Wieden+Kennedy Big Winners with Chrysler+Detroit
June 19, 2012

Congrats to MAM client Wieden+Kennedy on three stellar wins (Effie+Emmy+Cannes+Webby) for its ‘Born of Fire’ campaign for Chrysler! Featuring Eminem (and some seriously moving footage of Detroit), the campaign is credited with helping boost ratings for both the automaker and it’s hometown. “The success of this campaign has contributed significantly to the company’s sales growth […]

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