Montreux Jazz Unveils Stunning Live Music Archive
September 20, 2016

There’s really nothing quite like live performances. The vibrant acoustics, an artist’s spontaneous interpretations on beloved standards, the audience swelling in response. Or the chance to discover new sounds, innovations and inspirations to tuck into your own musical pallet.

The Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the top places to do just that — a bucket-list event for jazz aficionados. And now, 50 years of its breathtaking live Jazz performances have just landed in your creative laps, MAM Family.

Involving eight years of R&D, the Montreux Jazz Digital Project just released its beautifully intuitive online archive, including over 5,000 hours of music and 10,000 hours of live concert footage.

Build playlists. Create stations. All free to the public.

“This archive, the first audiovisual collection inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register, has become a wonderful tool to inspire research and innovation in engineering sciences, musicology and digital humanities.”¬† – Montreux Jazz Digital Project

Need an old-school “Queen Bee” fix?

Click “Search” in¬†Montreux’s sidebar menu, type in “Taj Mahal”, and you’ll quickly see just how sexy online archives can “be.”

Then riff with it — add it to your faves, queue it into your stream, or squirrel it into a playlist.

Next, compare your AV experience of Taj on Montreux’s site to this video of Taj buried deep within the Live Music Archive, up until now one of the biggest resources for live music online. An offshoot of jam band hub etree, LMA doesn’t even list Taj as an available artist on it’s site… but he’s there.

YouTube’s got Taj, but the live experience is mostly distant, and random. (Although this Bloody Sunday Sessions version is pretty sweet. Kudos, Live for Live Music.)

Which is part of what makes Montreux’s archive so exciting: it’s search engine is both so easy to play with, and thorough with its results.

So search away, Jazz music lovers! Your next swingin’ inspiration is just “Miles” ahead.

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