Music, Data and TV Hit Center Stage
November 30, 2012

From deep within the cloud of ‘TV is dead’ media chatter, fresh data now offers a hopeful perspective on where to find the new pulse in TV marketing.

Fact: Most Americans are still watching TV. On average we spend more time in one day watching TV content (over 4.5 hours) than we do watching YouTube all month (4 hours). And advertising on broadcast and cable TV combined will still be making ten times the revenue of mobile video and display advertising in 2015.

More good news: media buyers can now use new demographic data services that point out who’s watching what TV shows when, and which TV ads drive customers to online activity and in-store sales. At last, hard data on any given TV ad’s ROI.

At the front of the data-crunching pack are Nielsen’s IAG and Rho’s Precision Demand. Perhaps that’s why Nielsen also just acquired SocialGuide, which tracks where specific TV shows are trending on social media.

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