Music Royalty Administration

MAM believes in being open, direct, and technologically savvy.
That’s what’s always set us apart within the world of advertising music royalty administration.

We’re known for our personalized service, tailored to each client’s needs, and the extreme lengths we will go to maximize your quarterly royalty distributions. Each of us communicates regularly with our clients and their PROs, researches developing advertising music trends, and pursues every available avenue to get our clients the maximum return on their music royalties.

So what exactly do we do?

Let’s say you’re a composer that belongs to a Performing Rights Organization (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.) and you write a song for a commercial. When that ad airs with your song, you can file a performance royalty claim with your PRO.

As our client, we submit your song for you to your PRO, research where and how often the ad appears using a variety of advertising and audio fingerprinting resources, submit your song’s performance data to your PRO, review your PRO’s quarterly distribution reports to make sure you got paid what you’re due, follow-up with your PRO if you didn’t, and in some cases, provide the PRO with additional materials it may need to make a royalty claim determination.

Yeah, it’s kind of a lot. Definitely more than most ad agencies, music houses and freelance composers can make worth their effort. But the royalties are still theirs to claim. So we step in and manage the music royalty process on their behalf. That’s advertising music royalty administration.

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