Nan Tackles YouTube in SHOOT
April 5, 2016

SHOOT just published a POV column by Nan Wilson, MAM’s Oracle on the swift-moving world of music royalties.

Her piece “The Future of Advertising Music Royalties” calls out YouTube’s conveniently lazy approach to advertising music royalties, and how that’s influencing the digital music royalty market.

Nan also outlines the role PROs currently play (and don’t) as the music royalty world’s reigning prize-fighters for fair-pay from new media performances.

Does your music play in advertising? How about online commercials?

Are you hip to how YouTube is picking and choosing which music royalties it will pay artists on it’s “free” platform, meanwhile making $1.88 billion in advertising this year?

Chances are you’ve been pretty fuzzy like the rest of us.

shell game peaThanks to Nan’s piece — and her constant advocacy for artists’ right to fair pay — YouTube’s shell game with ad music royalties just became a lot more transparent.

With clarity, we become stronger advocates. Educate yourself; read Nan’s column.

Already read it? What did you think?

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