Naren Rauch Scores New Edge for Samsung
June 25, 2015

MAM Fam member Naren Rauch recently set the musical backdrop for 15 short videos showcasing Samsung’s latest phone: the Galaxy Edge S6.

By hovering your mouse over the sleek website’s pics, videos play describing the S6’s features, with each video set to Naren’s clever musical theme.

“The Samsung project was fun and a bit different than a Samsung basketballtraditional ad spot,” says Naren. “I wrote a piece of music that I then had to morph and fit into a bunch of different music genres for each of the vignettes that demonstrated a certain feature of the new S6 phone.”

“Each little vignette needed its own scoring moments, as well as its own style and signature sound,” Naren further explained, adding that Producer Halle Petro at Nylon Studios helped make the project a breeze.

As viewers shift away from TV towards online streaming, advertisers and composers are sailing into uncharted territories of online media and interactive technology to reach their target audiences.

Naren and Samsung’s creative use of this new canvas gives us a fresh glimpse of advertising’s future.

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