Pandora Helps Huggies Say ‘We Want More Grandkids!’
February 18, 2015

Huggies wants you to have babies. Like right now. Actually, you should have started eight years ago.

Ever since 2007, when the pesky recession began, apparently the US birth rate has taken a dive.

In baby-brand speak, that means fewer wee ‘customers’ for their products.

To help eliminate this problem, Huggies thought it might help set the mood. With Pandora. Because who doesn’t roam around the music-royalty-Death-Star looking for an ad-free, diaper-sponsored, “baby-making” oldies station before inseminating their mate?

Yup, this Valentine’s Day, you could’ve been inspired to suddenly drop your drawers because Barry White and Stevie Wonder told you to. Kind of like your parents standing at the bedroom door on your honeymoon, gently tapping, whispering, “Are you there yet?”

If any kids were actually ‘made’ during this experiment, well… then Huggies might be on to a very scary theorem.

Protect yourself: always know where your partner’s music is coming from, where it’s been, with whom it’s partnered. Make smart decisions with your music. Especially if it’s offering you free candy. Or diapers. Definitely if it’s offering you both.

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