Scarey-Good Halloween Work by MAM Fam
October 31, 2013

mini cooper countryman ahhhh tiara monster peligro halloweenOctober: the month to scare the bazooks out of each other. Or have fun pretending. Which MAM Fam folks were clearly doing with several scarey-good projects released this month.

Yessian’s music in the new ‘Dracula’ series promo on NBC is a great example.

Then there’s Wieden+Kennedy’s frighteningly effective ad for, promoting one’s ability to rent rooms in any of the seven most haunted hotels in America via their site (definitely an intimidating option after watching the ad).

But top kudos this month came from Adweek, who couldn’t get enough of Mini’s latest ad (featuring blood-chilling music by Peligro). Brace yourself: the finale is truly… disturbing.


‘Dracula’ promo (NBC) [Yessian]

Haunted Hotels for Halloween ( [W+K]

Ahhhhh! (Mini Countryman) [Peligro]

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