Session Artists, Meet RAR
June 28, 2013

One of our MAM Fam members recently tipped us off about an important digital royalty detail for those of you who are session artists.

Turns out that SoundExchange only doles out digital royalties for ‘featured artists’: whomever is the star or key band members on a recording. However, if you’re a session artist (hired just for the studio recording, etc.), your digital royalties are dispersed by AFM/AFTRA’s Recording Artist Royalties.

Have you ever recorded as a session player? Then please make sure you’re registered with RAR so you can qualify for and receive payments from them for your hard work.

Learn more @ Recording Artist Royalties…

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  1. Hmm. I can see economics teheacrs getting into fist-fights over a question like this.In reality, the answer is yes. If there was no demand for a specific CD, people wouldn’t buy it and it wouldn’t be for sale on ebay in the first place. The seller got the CD somehow. They wouldn’t just get it for free. They must have paid the record label for it, who in turn, would have paid the artist. If you buy a second or third hand album, the artist would still have been paid somewhere along the line, even if it’s not your money. It’s completely different from downloading songs for free. No money is involved in something like that. Buying an album from a third party isn’t the same as stealing. Was this answer helpful?