TuneSpring Speeds Sync Between Music & Buyers
August 29, 2013

TuneSpring, new kid on the music library block, has introduced a whole new game to the music syncing world. With just a few quick clicks, producers can review any track from TuneSpring’s online music library with their video syncing at the same time. Producers can also send tracks synced with their video to colleagues and clients.

Once a winning track is picked, it’s only another few clicks to pay for and license the track. When a track is licensed, it’s automatically removed from TuneSpring’s ‘available’ library. When the track’s license expires, it pops back up again as available.

tunespring sync deckPaul Riggio, founder of TuneSpring, says the concept for lightning-fast syncing and licensing was inspired by theĀ  repetitive tasks involved with syncing the perfect track with video. It’s something he’s done a fair bit as Creative Director of So Loud Music.

“It came out of laziness,” jokes Riggio. “The whole process seemed like it could be improved.”Riggio was lucky enough to enlist digital asset management guru Dan McGraw (co-developer of WireDrive) to help develop TuneSpring’s impressive technological backbone.

Much of the initial testing was done by So Loud’s crew, who use the system for their own music library and client work.

“I’m on the front lines,” Riggio says, adding that their goal is to make life easier for fellow music professionals. “It’s nearly incalculable, the hours it saves us to do other things. We can focus on the creative. It’s that simple.”

Currently, certain agencies can review on TuneSpring for free. Music sellers on TuneSpring only pay a monthly fee for the data hosting (the website’s core cost) at rates starting at $19: no fees or percentages when they sell a track.

“To do any of this by yourself is very, very expensive,” explains Riggio. “So we really tried to make a tool that is built very specifically for our business and do it for a price that’s undeniably cheap, and at the same time very high-level pro.”

Riggio added that his favorite part is when new music is discovered by a customer and the deal closes.

“My ultimate is when tunespring logoa client discovers a track from a music resource that they’ve never heard of before, and they’ve never spoken, and the job ends up going final.”

Bigger picture? Riggio says it’s still all about spreading the music discovery love.

“The greater goal is to have everybody branded and aggregated in the same way that Google and SouceEcreative does, so that their tracks are searchable,” says Riggio.

“Right now, we’re building a great aggregated platform: you can’t find content like this anywhere. The majority of the tracks are customizable, available for exclusive use, have never been licensed to anything else before, and they could be sold as work-for-hire. And the majority of the material is very high-end, boutique: it’s a very cool library.”

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