Twitter Helped MTV Pimp their VMAs
August 29, 2013

Twitter helped MTV/Viacom pre-sell viral moments from this year’s VMAs when hawking its video ad bundles ahead of this year’s awards show.

And there were a few… which adds another perspective on Miley & Robin’s act kicking off this year’s show: VMA tweet traffic soared to a record-breaking 306,000 tweets per minute through the rest of the awards night (breaking BeyoncĂ©’s Super Bowl tweet record).

Ad Age laid out the marketing plan heading into MTV’s big night:

“The Video Music Awards videos and highlights from Viacom will range from 15 seconds to about 90 seconds in length. Some will include five-second advertiser pre-roll; others will take the form of branded content.

“MTV’s U.S. handles have roughly 13.3 million followers, which the sponsors can supplement by tweeting the videos from their own accounts as well. Twitter will then play the part of paid distribution channel by promoting the posts to users.

“‘We’re essentially programming on Twitter,’ said Dario Spina, exec VP-integrated marketing for Viacom Music and Entertainment.”

Think MTV is pleased with how their Twitter-friendly programming worked out? Their advertisers certainly should be. It will be interesting to see how this viral-video-presale marketing approach plays out as advertisers seek (and track) online media’s growing audience.

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