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MAM Family Projects Shine for a Brighter World

clear the pitch dca mine action yessian brighter worldThis Spring, our MAM Family has contributed to some pretty amazing projects working to evolve a brighter world on our big blue marble.Yessian helped kick things into gear with their work for yessian music brighter world#ClearThePitch, promoting land mine removal from soccer pitches with DCA Mine Action and Grey for Good.And both Yessian and Marmoset helped create PSAs for the Metro Detroit area.Marmoset's music in the short doc "Home" (narrated by Detroit native J.K. Simmons) intones the front lines of Flint's breathtakingly resilient community, caring deeply for one another while coping with horrifically callous choices made by their state and local governments.Meanwhile, Yessian shares the local love for it's beloved Detroit, helping create PureMichigan's inspiring new "Story of Detroit" celebrating the Motor City's can't-stop-won't-stop mojo.Marmoset's on a role with feel-good promos, actually. Check out this fresh laundry list of light and love:marmoset music brighter world- "Anna's Story" (GitHub): How one young grrl coder's access to creating innovative projects (with platforms like GitHub) could lead to great interplanetary feats as NASA's brightest computer science star.- "Finding Aurora" (The Film Artist): Stunning time-lapse images of the burning skies over Iceland after a major solar storm. Before they even say it, you're thinking, "Damn. Earth is such a crazy beautiful planet. What can we do to save it from ourselves?"- "The Ride" (Levi's): Follow London musician and poet James Massiah as he pumps his way from gig to gig via bicycle for the night. "It's a bit like time travel." He who bikes rules the night.- "#KindaAwesome" (Kind): Kind Snacks take their clever name to a new level, with a pay-it-forward campaign that's positively delicious.- "Hold Your Horses" (Purina): Horses. Hug them. (Apparently you can do that if you have a horse.) Warm fuzzies for everyone! Gotta love a horse hug. #watchyourfeet- "Expeditions" (Google): What if school kids could "travel" the world with virtual reality? Watch geography classes suddenly take giant frog leaps around GoogleEarth. Visionary.- "Dogs" (TD Ameritrade): Remember those hilarious underwater dog photos that came out a couple years back? Meet photographer Susan Hamill and how she dove into her hobby and came out financially independent. Bonus: slo-mo videos of her "subjects" swimming.-  "3rd and Goal" [YETI]: OMG. This April Fools' profile about a (real) ex-NFL player with his (seriously questionable) small-batch "Melk" creamery had us dying. And where in the world did Jacob Shipley's acting chops come from? Somebody get him on SNL STAT. Dead pan never looked so good.sizzer amsterdam brighter worldNobel MentionSizzer Amsterdam teamed up last Winter with Publicis and director Julien Faure of Troublemakers to create the potent short film "United 4 Tunisia," honoring the political vision and impact of the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, winners of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.Keep up the amazing work, MAM Family! So proud of all the little and big things we're collectively doing to shape our world together into a brighter place, one brick, one song, one note at a time.Thank you, from all of us at MAM. 

#ClearThePitch (DCA Mine Action) - Yessian 

Home (#FlintWaterCrisis) - Marmoset 

Story of Detroit (PureMichigan) - Yessian 

Anna's Story (GitHub) - Marmoset 

Finding Aurora (The Film Artist) - Marmoset 

The Ride (Levi's) - Marmoset 

#KindaAwesome (Kind) - Marmoset 

Hold Your Horses (Purina) - Marmoset 

Expeditions (Google) - Marmoset

Dogs (TD Ameritrade) - Marmoset 

3rd and Goal (YETI) - Marmoset 

United 4 Tunisia - Sizzer Amsterdam